Golf – Not an Easy Game

Golf like many other things in life is something we all can master with a little bit of patience and a lot of hard work. There are no shortcuts to success and there certainly aren’t any for golf. One has to keep at it and keep practising the various shots and, then only, one can expect to make any improvement in the game. What one can do is to work hard and smartly. That includes not wasting time on those shots that you are going to use rarely and practising those which are going to be the most handy. This differentiation is a very important factor to consider and you must be extremely careful to not waste your time, money and energy practising those areas of golf that are not very important, while neglecting those areas which are of paramount importance.

Thus it is very important to keep in mind that about half of the strokes that we play on the driving range is about fifty yards from the green. This means that you should practise your short game instead of the long one. You should concentrate more on mastering the putter and the wedge instead of the other clubs. This may sound boring, but the good news is that the short game can be practised in your backyard and even in your house. Put out a few buckets in your yard and try and pitch the ball into them. You can also try and putting the ball into an upturned glass just like those advertisements you see on the television.

It is very important for an amateur golfer to have a teacher whether or not you want to take up the sport personally. One has to learn about the basics and the rules of the game. Now this teacher can be in the form of a friend, or it can be a group teacher or if you are extremely serious then it can also be a personal trainer. But there has to be a teacher nonetheless if you are planning to take up the sport seriously. When learning anything new there are a lot of doubts and questions that you need to ask and a lot of errors will be certainly made. It is very important that you get answers for all these questions as it will help you in developing as a student and as a golfer. It is also indispensable that someone shows you the mistakes you make as soon as you do them. This is why a teacher can play a very important role in a player’s life. It is rightly said that behind every good golfer there is a great teacher.

For example one of the most frequent questions that most beginners ask is when should they chip the shot and when they should pitch. It is actually a very interesting question and the real answer is that it all depends on the golfer whether he wants to chip the shot or pitch it. But at the same time there are certain hard and fast rules and guidelines a person must adhere to before challenging the fundamentals of the game. One should always use a chip when there is no obstacle between the ball and the hole. But if there is an obstacle then you need to lift the ball over the obstacle and hence have to pitch the ball.

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