A few famous sports to bet on in America

There is no question that the three biggest sports in America are baseball, American football and basketball – as these attract the biggest audiences, both to watch them live and on television, and the most sports betting action. The popularity of these sports shows how removed America is from the UK and Europe when it comes to putting bets on sports, as none of these have the same following there, but with global online bookmakers services, you will find odds and betting markets for them on the internet – wherever you are based.

It may be surprising to those outside of the States to learn that baseball betting actually comes third behind the other two, given how often we hear it referred to as the national game of America. The only time baseball betting dominates is during the summer months, because the NFL and NBA seasons do not run during those months. However despite the differing numbers of people gambling on these three sports, the actual markets available are fairly similar – from betting on individual matches, to outright bets on the winners of the leagues or prop bets on the player who will score the most home runs, touchdowns and other smaller-scale issues. There are also plenty of similarities between the games online casinos provide themed around these sports.

For instance three of the most popular such games – Slam Dunk, Hot Shot and $5 Million Touchdown are all slots games featuring reel icons related to basketball, baseball and American football respectively. Furthermore all of these games offer those who play them a very good chance of securing a payout, because they all have wild icons on those reels that can take the place of missing ones to make winning lines, and they all offer numerous pay lines. Finally of course they all come with a really impressive jackpot to gamble for, suggesting that – like conventional betting on these sports – there is plenty in common between them.

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