Enjoy a Motor Race Properly

It is undeniable that we all get excited to attend any sports event. But it is also true that a proper knowledge of the game makes it even more interesting. Motor races are not an exception. You can get the most out of it only when you know what is happening. So check out for some proper strategies.

1. Ear Protection: About 130 decibels are produced by a single NASCAR racing car whereas it is even louder when it comes to an open-wheel car. The circuit, obviously, is much noisier than the road course. You won’t have much problem in viewing an endurance race or a backyard series. But to watch the major series it is necessary to wear ear protection, especially for children. A pair of earplugs is enough if you are an occasional spectator. Make sure that your earplugs have a strap so that they can be pulled off according to your wish. Or a noisy race scanner can be bought which won’t have the headphone. Ear plugs not only protect you from becoming temporarily or permanently deaf, but it also prevents headache.

2. Consider the heat: As most of the grand prix occur in summer and in warm weather, the scorching heat may prove to be an obstacle. Though the circuit provides you with some shade, but it is observed that the most elite seats belonging to the road course don’t have the shades. Most of the audience feels heat exhaustion. spectators are prohibited to take outside food and drinks in the circuit. Moreover, as you get closer to the track the heat becomes unbearable. So it is recommended that you go to the drug store and buy Emergen-C packets which are soluble in water. If you feel the effects of the heat such as headache or nausea, you better take it as medicine.

3. Idea of the Track: It is essential to have the full map of the track so that you can get full fun out of it. It can be printed from the website of a particular race.

4. Knowing the Drivers: If you do not know the drivers properly you will have difficulties to judging who is winning or who is lagging behind. So it is necessary to have a guide chart of the race where you will get the pictures of the cars participating in the competition.

5. Reaching early provides you with the best seats: You should enter the arena at least a couple of hours earlier than the race start to get hold of a good seat. It is easier to find a good spot in the permanent road courses than the street circuits. The places nearer to the first turn are considered to be the best place to watch as the unsuitable number of wrecks takes place there only. Moreover, you can get the opportunity to catch up with the series of lower development if you reach there early, making your visit as enthusiastic as ever.

6. Do not drink too much: It has always been exciting to have some beers with your companion at a live event. But too much drinking can be a hindrance to your primary motive, i.e. watching the race. It is not very clever to drink much because it will lead you to the exhaustion of your mind and body. A minimum of one and a maximum of two beers is the best option.

7. A scanner is needed: It will become more exciting to you if you can hear the conversation between the drivers and their spotters and pit crews. So rent a radio scanner before the race starts.

8. Safety: It is important that you take full care of your belongings yourself. Avoid the ticket blacker as well as the sellers of earplugs, flags, etc. Do not try to lean on the fence. It is developed to make sure that the motor particles do not fall into the audience arena. It will not be a good idea to cross barriers. Be sure that you do not disturb the pit crews if you get hold of a pit pass.

9. Betting safe on races: If you usually enjoy taking a bit of risk and betting online on the race before watching it, the safest way to do that is to pick up a reliable site that you can trust. Look for safe and secure online bookmakers and sportsbooks accepting bets from your area, there are a lot of sports betting portals offering useful reviews and in-depth advice for your selection process.

You will surely have a blast if you consider these tips to be worth following. Have a go and enjoy a motor race. But always stay steady!

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