Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are an NFL team from Indiana, and play as part of the South Division of the AFC. They have won five NFL Championships, the most recent being Super Bowl XLI in 2006 when they played the Chicago Bears.

Up until 1984, they were the Baltimore Colts, and then later relocated to Indianapolis. The Ravens, of course, would eventually become the NFL team for Baltimore.

Here are some interesting facts about the Indianapolis Colts:

  • Quarterback, Peyton Manning, is the son of legendary Archie Manning from the New Orleans Saints. Peyton Manning was drafted in 1998 from the University of Tennessee Volunteers.
  • Their 2005 season started off with them winning the first thirteen games, making the Colts the fourth ever team in NFL history to accomplish that feat.
  • During the sixteenth week of that season, the Indianapolis Colts had to play without Coach Tony Dungy due to the suicide of his son, James.
  • Colts colors are white and royal blue.
  • Indianapolis Colts won two Super Bowl Championships, once in 1970 and again in 2006.
  • They’ve also celebrated six Conference Championships, twelve Division Championships, and 21 Playoff appearances over the years.
  • The current season, ‘08, the Colts are now playing in their new stadium, the Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Colts have had numerous players enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame over the years, both as the Baltimore Colts and Indianapolis Colts.

Raymond Berry, Art Donovan, Ted Hendricks, John Mackey, Lenny moore, Gino Marchetti, Jim Parker, Johnny Unitas, Weeb Ewbank, Tevin Harris, and Don Shula for the Baltimore Colts. John Elway, in 1983, was drafted by Baltimore Colts, but never played a down for them. Eric Dickerson, thus far, is the only Indianapolis Colts player to have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Time will tell which other Indianapolis Colts players will make into the Pro Football Hall of fame in the future.

The Colt’s uniforms have remained more or less the same since 1953. The colors, of course, are blue and white, and the logo is that of a blue horseshoe. The blue jerseys contain white shoulder stripes and vice versa. The helmet contains the blue horseshoe logo. The pants are white with blue side-stripes. However, 1982-1986 the Colts wore grey pants while in their blue jerseys. In 1987, they decided to retire the grey pants. As of 2006, the stripes have been taken off of the socks.

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