Mayweather Jr. Ready to prove that he is still the king of Boxing

On May 1st, 2010 two of the biggest names in boxing will collide to further solidify their legend at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas NV. Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Shane Mosley is easily the highest anticipated boxing event of 2010 since the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight never happened after both sides couldn’t reach an agreement. Both fighters have huge followings from their fans and that will sure heat up the intensity of the match once they both step into the ring. We have learned that both sides agreed to random Olympic style drug testing all the way up to the fight (an issue which prevented the Pacquiao fight from happening).

The stage is set to be Las Vegas, Nevada which always hosts some of the biggest fights in history. The MGM Grand Garden Arena is sure to be packed and it will be difficult to get your hands on tickets to the fight, so if you are planning on seeing this epic event live we suggest you buy your tickets now. Many celebrity faces are expected to be seeing sitting ringside along with all of the Vegas high-rollers who will take a break from playing casino games and take the chance of a lifetime to witness history.

Both fighters have exceptional records: Mayweather 40-0 and Mosley 46-5, very different fighting styles and lots of personality, which sets the stage for not only a great boxing match but also all around entertainment for everyone. Mosley is still looked upon as the underdog in this one, while he has many supporters and he has a height and reach advantage over Mayweather, his opponents perfect record is undeniable. Should he win, it will rejuvenate his career and prove him to be one of the top boxers of his era. Should Mayweather be crowned the winner it will only boost his ego, prove his flawless and endless talent and unless a Pacquiao fight will be somehow made with both sides agreeing on the terms he might as well retire for the second time for there is no one else who is capable of bringing this man down.

Mosley is likely to start the match of strong by getting into Mayweathers comfort zone and trying to get some hard punches to land. He might end up winning the first few rounds but in my opinion after 3 or 4 Mayweather will come up with a plan on how to bring his opponent down. Most likely there will be no knockouts in this fight and it will go on the full 12 Rounds but by the end of the match my prediction is that Mayweather wins by Unanimous Decision and will call Manny Pacquiao out at the post fight press conference. With that said please voice your opinions on this and to those of you who will be joining me in Vegas on May 1st enjoy the show that it will be.

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