Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are North Division members of the American Football Conference (AFC). They are an NFL team in Pittsburgh, PA. The Steelers are the oldest franchise with the American Football Conference, created in 1933. Appearing in eight Super Bowl Championships and winning six, the Steelers are the only professional football team to have had such a success. Their most latest Super Bowl Championship was in 2008. They also have the record of winning four Super Bowl Championships within six NFL seasons. In addition to winning so many championships, the Steelers have also had seventeen coaches and players that have made it into the Pro Football hall of Fame.

Here are some facts and dates for the Pittsburgh Steelers:

  • Their current home game stadium is the Heinz Field, which was built to replace the Three Rivers Stadium in 2001. Other past Pittsburgh stadiums include the Pitt Stadium and the Forbes Field.
  • Super Bowl Championships that the Steelers won were in 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 2005 and 2008.
  • They have won six conference championships and 18 division championships with the AFC North and AFC Central.
  • In 1943, the Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles merged together as the “Steagles”. This was the one and only time that the Steelers didn’t use their traditional black and gold team colors.
  • In 2007, Steely McBeam became their new official mascot, chosen out of 70,000 different suggestions given by fans and team members. Unfortunately, Steely McBeam currently has a very low approval ratings with fans.

The Steelers have some of the most loyal fans in the NFL. Spreading outward from Pittsburgh, their fan dynasty is the one of the largest in football. Just recently in August 2008, Steelers’ fans were ranked as “the best” by ESPN.com, thanks to the Steeler’s consecutive sellout streak of 299 games. Steelers fans beat out fans over 121 other sports teams from the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB, largely in part of the fact that every single one of their home games have sold out since 1972.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a large number of famous fans, including Adam Sandler, Snoop Dogg, Bret Michaels, Chris Pontius, Hank Williams Jr., and famous Pittsburgh natives Michael Keaton, Kurt Angle, Jeff Goldblum, and Dennis Miller. Women are really big fans of the Steelers, as their female fan base ranks much higher than other cities’ teams. With such a large, loyal fan base, it’s no wonder The Steelers have won as many championships as they have.


  1. I’m not sure when this article was written, but the Pittsburgh Steelers actually have 6 Superbowl rings, not 5. Their last Superbowl win was in 2008.

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